Cavitation online training

The ultrasounds provoke microbubbles inside the adipose cells, which implode, breaking the fatty cell and destroying the fatty tissue, which is subsequently metabolized by physiological means. We will discuss the consultation and assessment process, implement selection criteria of filling agents and explore the importance of establishing realistic patient expectations and patient education to ensure the positive patient outcome.

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The afternoon will provide intensive hands-on sessions. Our ratio of instructor to student for this class is students to one instructor. We will discuss price structuring, market trends, and retention of your client base. Please note: All cancellations must be received in writing via mail. Cancellation Policy must be strictly enforced since workshops require a great deal of planning and preparation. Any cancellations after this time will not qualify for a refund.

However, with the approval of the administrative department, a credit may be issued for use in a future workshop. Institut Rejuvee develops and markets professional aesthetic and cosmetic devices. Institute Rejuvee is offer patients clinically proven, safe and Effective anti-aging beauty treatments that deliver immediate and long-lasting results. Search for:. Training Ultrasound Cavitation Institut Rejuvee develops and markets professional aesthetic and cosmetic devices.

Hands on training The results guarantee a diameter loss of up to 2 cm in the area treated in each session. Training Our training courses were developed based on my experience when opening a Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatment business. My research included all the technical aspects such as frequencies and amplitudes, studying the science behind how these energies work and safety as well as testing equipment, performing treatments on friends and family and documenting results.

I was ready to open my business but wanted to validate myself as much as possible, I decided to check into some of the training being offered. In my opinion this seemed outrageous and I had no reason based on my conversations with these places to have any faith in their ability to teach me anything I had not already learned.

Are they ready to start a business? Do they feel confident in knowing how to successfully perform treatments?

Cavi Lipo Training Video

Do they even know how the equipment works and how the energy is interacting with the clients? My answer to those questions would be NO! A few hours of training is not sufficient too fully understand and successfully perform treatments. I have realized over the past few years how much value there is in the knowledge and experience I have acquired from operating my business and I am happy to share this knowledge with others who want a successful business!

After years in business and well over 10, treatments performed we still stay booked solid for weeks or even months in advance. Because we get results!!! I have personally developed my own techniques to ensure optimal results for clients.

Since I've been in business I have seen many Lipo Cavitation businesses open and close in less than a year, every year! Because they don't know what they are doing! If you don't know what you're doing, you will NOT get results.

NO results. NO business!!! A Lipo Cavitation business can be incredibly rewarding and profitable IF you know what you're doing. Educate yourself for success!!! If you ever wanted to work for yourself Lipo Cavitation is a great business and you don't need a huge amount of money to get started.

cavitation online training

All you need to be successful is to educate yourself and be dedicated to getting great results for your clients. We have been getting calls for years about training and have educated individuals looking to start a new business as well as salons and spas who want to add Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatments to their existing business.

We offer 2 levels of training with or without equipment included to meet everyones needs. Decide which course is right for you and call us at to book your training! Serious inquires only. Please read disclaimers following course descriptions.

This course is designed for anyone interested in opening their own business and need training in Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatments plus step by step guidance on opening a business.

Package A. Price for Level 1 program includes training for one person only. NO equipment included.

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Package B. This course is designed for anyone who already owns their business and would like to add Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatments to the services they offer in their salon or spa. Columbia SC Search Results. Download File Now.

Add Text Here The Skinny. Located inside Sola Salon.Our courses have been designed to set the highest standards across the industry and to provide our learners with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen treatment s.

We offer accredited short courses for those who wish to gain an in depth understanding of the treatment. Completing this course will qualify you for insurance cover with one of our many insurance partners. Our Level 4 courses have been designed to be flexible and bespoke to the learner, personalised and flexible, offering credits for hours of learning completed.

Ultrasound Cavitation training

Some of these credits can be transferred to other courses if the subject matter overlaps. For example, if you have studied the necessary Health and Safety legislation in the Aesthetics sector, you will not need to cover this in the same amount of detail for any additional course which covers the same material.

The large number of insurance companies who appreciate and support our thorough approach and the high standard students achieve after studying with us, is testimony to the very high standards set by the Academy of Advanced Aesthetics. Our students are highly motivated to be the best in their field, with many of them returning to us for additional courses to expand their portfolio of treatments.

HIFU for the Body is a non-invasive [ Treatment involves controlled cooling of fat tissue through the skin to induce lipolysis through [ Radio Frequency can stimulate production of your own natural collagen and tighten the [ This fat often assumes abnormal proportions in areas [ This mechanical lymphatic [ Infrared Therapy burns calories while you relax, lose [ Its safety, precise control and excellent predictable results have made ultrasound an important addition to cosmetic practices.

cavitation online training

Ultrasound for skin rejuvenation offers [ The top layer of the stratum corneum consists of [ Thermotherapy induces a sense of wellbeing and relaxation due to dilation of blood vessels [ The natural process of [ Level 4 Short Courses.Log in Sign up.

Cart 0 Check Out. Loading schedule Sorry, that time is not available. Please select a date. Add to Cart. What you'll learn in this beauty course: This class covers Skin Diseases and Disorders Health and safety Data Protection Act Client modesty, privacy and confidentiality Hygiene Sterilisation methods Equipment set up and Maintenance Planning, preparing and consulting client before treatment and understanding the organisational and legal obligations of performing treatments Handling equipment and electrical safety Providing aftercare to the client Carrying out treatments: Live Demo Step-by-step Treatment techniques.

Machines are only shipped out when payment is made in full. Machine received may differ from the picture shown. You can wait to receive your machine and schedule your training or you can attend one of our classes as soon as possible.

You will also need to bring a model to practice on or if you cannot find a model you can ask one of your classmates to be your model.

Fibroblast Training.Does Cavi-Lipo Work? At Body Slimming Experts we have gone above and beyond to work with a team of experts in diet, nutrition and natural devices who has not only benefited from the use of the devices on there own body but has been instrumental in the development and nutritional programs for body slimming devices internationally. BSE does not work with or distribute this equipment but many sales people use this name in selling and advertising it to gain credibility.

After a year of looking into the technology we found that there were better options and turned down establishing a permanent relationship of consulting and training with this company.

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Good technology and equipment is only as good as the technician who uses it and a technician is only as good as the training behind the company that sells and promotes the equipment. When the BSE team is sent into a clinic, we make sure only trained staff are using the equipment.

Each person is trained by our professional team to follow our protocols. Our protocols go beyond simple use but also pre-screen to make sure you the client, are a candidate as this is a medical procedure with pre, during and post specific instructions. Additionally we have screened and tested 7 devices on the market to find the best and what works best with our protocols. Its also important to know, that the King Protocols, have specific proprietary products that each person utilizes as well as pretreatment directions prior to, during and after the process so you have the best results.

Cavitation/RF Certification

We also monitor our clinics and pull them off our treatment locator pages if they do not continue to live up to our high standards. Even large five star spas, have been victims of this type of selling technique. These untrained Spas then use this device on everyone the same way.

When a problem occurs, they often search the net looking for the answer as to why the machine is not working on an individual. We advise people who contact us to look for a BSE certified clinic or to contact BSE directly to confirm there clinic is certified because many clinics now simply lie and deceive clients for the business. We recommend that they complete a training program for proper instruction but many do not pay for this but they take your dollar. Simply contact Body Slimming Experts via emails please do not bombard our private clinic phones, and we will help guide you to a safe and reputable location.

We also will give you a list of questions to make sure you are working with a skilled, trained technician and not simply someone working out of nail salon without any real training. Watch where you go for any Body Slimming Procedure this is your health. Cavi-Lipo or any other device for that matter. Talk with your trained professional today to find out if this is the right path for you. View Video Gallery.

Contact Us Now!In this course you will learn interesting theory and get hands on practical experience on how to deliver results for your clients using this amazing technology. Help your clients melt away and rid of stubborn trouble areas and watch word of mouth spread like wildfire with this treatment. You do not need to bring anything with you, except lunch, snacks, some models and extreme passion!

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In order to receive the best possible level of education, to participate in this course, it is highly recommended that you have a background in beauty, makeup, nursing or equivalent so that you can feel comfortable and keep up in the class practical sessions.

Anica — September 10, Lisa Tottenham — November 17, I found this course extremely beneficial.

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The theory side was informative and relevant in all aspects. The added information with regards to setting up my business was invaluable and I feel very confident that I can successfully get my business started.

I received extensive practical experience from a variety of clients which was so important in building my confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending Paola and BellDonLaqua to anyone who is looking to enter the health and beauty industry or increase their skills in additional modalities. Thank you Paola for all your help. Sharona Francis — January 23, I had the most amazing time here and learnt alot. We got to do practice a lot on clients and got some great business advice from Paula.

Thankyou Paula for the great coaching. Bonnie — June 12, Both theory and practical components of this class were fun and very informative. I found to class very beneficial and learnt what i had aimed to and more. Paula is a great teacher and is happy to help with any industry knowledge. Highly Recommended. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

cavitation online training

Body Contouring — Fat Cavitation Masterclass. Want to help your clients melt away fat and rid of stubborn trouble areas? Non-surgical liposuction, fat cavitation, cellulite treatments or body contouring, whatever you choose to call it, you need to have this in your salon.

Rated 5 out of 5.Cavitation is a biological phenomenon that consists of the formation of pockets of steam Bubbles within the interstitial in between cells areas which implode by the action of a pulsed frequency ultrasound. This creates shock waves that selectively damaging the membranes of the adipocytes fat cellsspilling the liquid fat into the blood stream.

Radio Frequency & Ultrasound Cavitation Course

Treatments are extremely relaxing, and pain-free and do not last any longer than minutes per visit. The client relaxes on the treatment bed while a hand held flat probe device is glided over the marked areas delivering the multi-frequency Cavitation energy. Following the treatment, the client can immediately resume their daily activities.

Treatments require no anesthetics, no downtime, a maximum of 25 minutes Excluding consultation time gives you worthwhile results. Clients should drink lots of water in the following days to help flush the fats and toxins through the kidneys and the rest of the body. This helps the body to eliminate quickly for even better results. If the client requires further skin tightening after treatments then RF skin tightening is recommended. Cavitation Course. Call for bookings at Dermal Solutions today!

One on One or small group sessions available. Call MAIL info dermalsolutions. CALL 07 Or


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