Ignis x reader

I would link the prompt list into this, but apparently it has disappeared while I was doing my thing. Also sorry for taking my time with these! You manage to pull me out of dark pits I occasionally still step into, you have a good taste for fictional bois and oohhh… the otomes. So much fun talks with you and khseoigthsghs, sorry.

Sorry, I am bad with this kind of stuff.

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Yes, the reindeer. Hopefully this piece is enjoyable enough to read! First snow in Insomnia made the city light up in the most beautiful way. All the Christmas lights hanged upon the trees of a park created a somewhat magical sight and definitely made the most romantic mood for the dark evenings before Christmas.

You had known Ignis for years and you two were almost inseparable at work and you could have easily named him as one of your best friends. But then he had finally asked you out.

ignis x reader

Those simple words had made your legs feel weak and luckily for you, you had been standing near your work desk when the cat was let out of the bag. The date had been like straight from a fairy tale and the freshly fallen snow blanket just made it feel even more unreal. A walk in the park was the most sweetest way to end the day you both had enjoyed. The air was chilly enough to make your exhales evaporate. The way he looked at you, lips parted just slightly to expose the wavering exhales evaporate into thin air made you swallow hard.

But apparently the freezing temperature won that struggle for you. Ignis paused your evening stroll, hands in the pockets of his fine jacket and he eyed you behind his spectacles. You noticed how his cheeks were also reddened along with his nose.

It made you chuckle inwardly, he was a cute sight in the snowy scene. You were used to being so… friendly to him because of your past and thanks to the realization of the situation you sensed the embarrassment cause your cheeks to melt.

Ignis chuckled and took your hand into his. He turned to gaze at you and pulled you closer to his body by a light tug of your hand on his. He smelled like gingerbread and ebony, a scent you could have easily lost yourself at that moment.

Trying to write fanfiction. Never had you felt a flock of butterflies flutter in the pit of your stomach like that. He just flashed a smile with a touch of shyness mixed with happiness in it.Are you selling any more meth?

ignis x reader

I would like to sample your meth, please. I am not a police officer, I am just a sprint enthusiast that is also on copious amounts of unfiltered meth. Which is why I am in such high demand, and market, for such product.

Your meth-dealing minions! What would happen if the chocobros crush had a boyfriend that had cheated on them? I love your scenarios so much, please keep up the amazing work darling!

I can never imagine the hurt and pain of trusting someone to have them betray you in such a way. But I gave this the best I could without trying to get to aggressively angry, and trying to fight this imaginary ex I created. You had been friends for years, extremely close, and though he harbored feelings for you, he would never ask you to stray from the one that you gave your heart too.

Noctis smiled as you nuzzled into the crook of his arm, the two of you watching a movie together. Noctis was at the Citadel when he got your call, asking if you could crash with him for a while. When he finally came home, he found you sitting in the living in the dark.

Keep reading. FFXV scenario, the reader gets really hurt but fights agaisnt any help that people try to give them until they pass out. Also, sorry this took so long to post and it might not be as good. You gasped as you clutched your injury, trying to hide it from the group even though you were clearly hurt and bleeding a lot.

Ignis was smarter than this, however, and very observant, enough to realize what was going on before any of the others did. Walking a little faster to catch up with you after the battle, he took you by the arm and spoke lowly not to alarm the others. LOL, so like all of us hoes for our fave bros? Come train with me, we can have sexy cuddles later! Ignis: Flustered, and resisting, he secretly waits for you to get so horny for him that you take matters into your own hands.

He likes it when you take control; at least… when you try to take control. Ignis likes the competition in the bedroom and he likes to hold you down and hear you squeals and moans as he gives you exactly what you were craving with a dizzying force that leaves you breathless.

Cor: He will ask you to undress for him and then touch yourself. You need to come at least twice before he even gets close to touch you. He will play with you teasingly and thoroughly before he sinks his cock into your waiting heat, fucking you with a passion that leaves you almost mindless in a blissed out stated time and time again.

Hey, babe! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work! Thank you and have a good day!Request: Could you write some fluff Ignis where reader is Noctis sister?

So that left the task to Ignis, which he happily agreed to. He tried to best the traffic to make it on time so she could relax sooner. As he pulled up to her workplace, Ignis noticed her standing and waiting for him.

He honked the horn of the Regalia to catch her attention. I got the text from Noct. I just wanna head back to the apartment and take a bath. The duo pulled into the parking lot and headed to their small living space. Ignis headed to the kitchen and started on her favorite foods. As everything was cooking, he knocked on the bathroom door.

ignis x reader

May I come in? He opened the door and headed in. Returning to the kitchen, he continued on dinner until he felt two arms wrap around his torso from behind.

Ignis looked to see a head of damp hair. He picked up his love and sat her on the couch. Once the couple finished their dinner, they stayed on the couch for the rest of the evening. Ignis felt his phone vibrate on the coffee table and checked for messages.

He chuckled and decided to take a picture of him and his girlfriend cuddling. He sent the message and proceeded his cuddle session with the love of his life.

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Noctis looked at his phone and saw that Ignis sent him an image. He opened it and almost choked on his soda. Originally posted by ffxvcaps. Tonberry Writes Ignis Scientia x Fem! Reader Request: Could you write some fluff Ignis where reader is Noctis sister? Noctis: Yo, Specs. Nov 08, Posting my own writings periodically and always open to requests!

Thanks for reading! Also Masterlist is linked on my main page bio in case anyone would like to see it! This was supposed to be a short fict but turned into 3, words lol.

Oh well. Enjoy this fluffy Iggy fict! Tagging my valentines: glaive-eve bleucommelhiver owldearest lucianhuntress promptoastandbutter. Originally posted by rubyphilomela.

Ignis was too engrossed within the novel he was reading to answer and Gladio sat in a chair with his arms crossed, looking as though he had plenty of other things on his mind than the conversation Prompto was attempting to have with the group. You sat on the edge of the bed, struggling to rake you mind of important events that were soon due, but nothing came to mind.

Gladio sighed, leaning his head back in the chair and closing his eyes. It is just another way for stores to make money and exploit the idea of love. The boys sat a moment looking at you. Ignis softly chuckled and continued reading, while Gladio shook his head and chuckled too.

Prompto looked to Noctis, both nodding their heads as though the two boys shared a common thought. Talking about your dating life was not a topic of conversation you had with the guys. Not to mention, never having a Valentine always made you kind of touchy around this time of the year. Everyone else you knew had a significant other while you normally sat in your apartment alone eating chocolates and watching rom-coms.

This was the first year you would be breaking tradition seeing as though you were on a journey with the guys and you regretted opening your mouth and commenting on the topic at all.

I just think the holiday is over the top and unnecessary. Gladio had fallen asleep in the chair, rather quickly to your surprise and Iggy sat still as a statue, his eyes racing across the book pages. Closing the door behind you, you stood a moment and heaved a heavy sigh. Trudging down the hallway to your room you drug your tired legs a few doors down. Besides being mentally drained from the previous conversations, you were physically exhausted from scouring the city all day.

All you wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep off the events of the evening and to rest your weary bones. As you approached your door you narrowed your eyes on a small envelope tapped right under the peephole.

Your name was beautifully scribed on the front and hearts lined the edges of the red parcel. Carefully peeling the packet away from the door you entered your room as your heart skipped beats. Sitting on your bed you slowly opened the envelope.

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Inside was a card, ten times more ornate than the covering itself. Glitter outlined the flowers and a ribbon appeared to be sewn along the border of the paper.

Opening the card, a small poem, written in the same intricate writing as your name, lined the page:. At the bottom of the page was an address to the location of dinning spot.Also, thanks so much for all the love for Shortcake vs. Boy, if any of your classmates from high school saw you now, they might possibly throw a fit at the sight of you.

Sure, you loved food — probably more than the average girl, even — but all you could do was devour dishes that were presented to you.

For you to actually prepare something meant for human consumption was easily a recipe for disaster. The true reason behind your ongoing efforts in trying to learn how to cook lies in a sole secret ingredient — one that is integral in your current woes as of late: Ignis Scientia.

Now, you were never really one to go to such great heights just to impress someone — let alone a member of the opposite sex — but Ignis was different. Here was a man in an entirely other league of his own. He was refined, patient, kind-hearted, and one of the most well-mannered men you ever had the blessed opportunity to encounter.

Not only did Ignis have the charms to go with his elegant face, he was also incredibly skilled — almost famously so, at least amongst his peers — in the kitchen. Not that you knew what His Majesty and his son would have for their daily meals. Unfortunately, despite your wholesome intentions, your efforts were simply failing to bear any fruit. The very idea of taking up culinary lessons as a step towards getting Ignis to look your way was actually a suggestion from your friend Prompto.

On one of your rare mutual breaks — yours from assisting other staff members with admin work and archiving documents for the royal family, his from Crowsguard training with Cor the Immortal — the two of you had stumbled upon Ignis himself, who was well on his way to a meeting with the King and the rest of his council. Ignis turned to you and offered a curt nod of acknowledgement.

All you could do was reciprocate his nod, already feeling your cheeks burn — a usual occurrence whenever you were near Ignis. While this was not the first time you had encountered the Royal Adviser in the flesh — as you would sometimes assist him with research and paperwork when necessary — being around him often made you feel shy and flustered.

ignis x reader

It was a miracle that you had yet to pass out from the effect he had on you. Prompto looked at you oddly. Although some would think him to be a bit more on the naive side, the young blond liked to think that he was actually much more observant than the people around him would give him credit for.

Perhaps that was why he detected your odd behavior in front of his friend. In any case, Prompto took notice of how tense you had become in the presence of his friend, as he placed a hand on your shoulder and gave a comforting squeeze. Your face was probably burning brighter than the sun by now. How could you have suddenly blurted — practically yelled loud enough for the entire Citadel to hear, oh gods —your deep, dark secret?

Your head must have been in the clouds while Prompto was talking, and in your carelessness, you somehow interpreted his words as an accusation of harboring feelings for Ignis. Plus, you guys would make a really cute couple! What a schoolgirl term.

Surely you were beyond this already, right? Completely caught up in your thoughts, you ignored Prompto and continued. This had always been your mindset right off the bat.

Why would you ever tell Ignis how you truly felt about him? It would just be another burden for him to bear, and that was the last thing you ever wanted to be to him. However, living in silence seemed like a much safer option than getting into messy feelings and affections.

Plus, unrequited feelings were definitely a more tolerable reality than the bitter sting of rejection. You shrugged.He peered around, a bag of groceries in hand, suspiciously. He set the bag of groceries on the kitchen counter and moved around the apartment in silence, making sure no one had broken in and that nothing was stolen. You moved off the bed to the door way where he stood in awe, and tugged him by the sleeve.

You immediately got to work tugging off his clothes. He leaned down to kiss you, but you leaned away from him every time he almost connected your lips, a growl emerging deep in his throat.

His hands came up to caress your breasts and ran down your sides, hitching you into his lap. You sat pressed against his hard length, but made no immediate move to press him into your core. You smiled deviously and kissed him. He gave you control of the kiss as your tongue slipped into his mouth.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You pulled away, the smirk never leaving your face. Ignis looked up at his hands. He was handcuffed to the headboard. He turned to you and visibly gulped as you ground down against him and brought your chest to press against his. You nibbled at his ear as you scraped your nails down his chest. Posts Requests Closed Submit a post Archive. Odd, he thought to himself. I never close my bedroom door.

ignis scientia x reader

There you were, lying on his bed fully nude, surrounded by rose petals.So…uh…this idea has been rattling around in my brain for a long time. It occasionally whispered ideas like a basilisk roaming around some pipes. The original idea actually came from a headcanon louisvuittontrashbags wrote a long time ago about Ignis. Tagging jastiss whimsyofthewind iggys-sous-chef singergurl91 tehrevving xalmasyx louisvuittontrashbags hypaalicious atarostarling sugarbombxv.

Uh, you knew a little bit. It had started with that smile—soft, sweet, but the slightest curl at the edges hinting at mischief. The hushed words were murmured into your ear from where he stood behind you, pulling you into his hard chest and arms wrapping securely around you enveloping you with safety.

Lips trailed along the slope of your neck and shoulders, pulling moans of pleasure as skin was marked for the night….

Ignis x Reader - A Snowy Date

It was hard to think of anything when those soft lips were against yours and his body covered yours. Your eyes opened in shock, and Ignis pulled away, regarding you with a smug—if still sweet— grin.

A shudder passed through your body at the sensation of his deep voice against your ear. You struggled against a moan in order to answer, your voice already breathless. The words themselves amplified the ache between your legs, but it was the warm hand on your inner thigh that made your breath hitch. Your nerves were prickling with anticipation for his next move, skin feeling overly sensitive and acutely aware of how close his hand was to where you were feeling so needy.

You would have nodded your head had he not chosen that moment to lean down and fix his mouth on your neck—at that very place he knew drove you crazy. So, instead you moaned, tilting your head to give him better access.

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His teeth nipped at the skin before his tongue followed it to lave a strip over the area. You squirmed at the sensation.

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG // Ignis/Prompto

You could feel the air your most exposed area, and your thighs tensed and twitched, fighting the sensation to close your legs to get some friction. A whine left your throat when he resumed his work on your neck, slowly dipping down your body.

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Another moan left your throat when his lips closed on a nipple. You felt it all the way down into your core. Your hips rocked out of their own volition, trying to find friction, the ache delicious but tormenting. This lips were teasing as they traversed the expanse of your body. He knew every nook and cranny that would drive you crazy, and he used them to his full advantage.

When his mouth found a particular spot, you gasped, knees drawing slightly up to keep your legs from closing. The weight of his palm on your thigh left, and you were left in the darkness and silence for a moment, the very core of you aching for his touch. You threw your head back with a keen when his fingers finally touched your aching wetness, one finger pressed lightly, unmoving on your pulsing clit. You found your words then, as breathless as they were.

Instead, the hand was removed, and you let out a sob of frustration as you lost the contact you desperately wanted. There was a beat of silence—an imperceptible change in the air—before a warm hand cupped your cheek. You were able to smell his cologne and feel the heat of his body first before his lips pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. You jumped when an object touched your thigh.

You moaned when the vibration started and you realized it was your vibrator. He moved it slowly along your inner thigh, making you squirm as it tickled sensitive skin. You wanted it so badly pressed to your core that you were dripping. You tensed, breath held in anticipation as he moved the vibrator to hover right above your aching clit. Now, kitten, you are to count backwards from one hundred.


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